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Senior Director, Health Care Intelligence and Strategic Analysis

I spent so many years trying to find what you helped me find in a few short months.  You have a great talent and I am thankful that you helped me find "me".  My life since then has been great , both professionally and personally.  I have confidence and I am allowing myself to enjoy life.  I really appreciate the fact that you took your time and helped me find myself.  I am very thankful.  You do have a great talent for reading people and helping them appreciate what they have.


General Counsel, Corporate Secretary for a large medical device company

There are any number of career consultants and outplacement professionals that can assist an executive job seeker with resume revisions and creating a networking plan. While that is clearly something Mark excels at, what distinguishes Mark is his ability to listen and connect with his clients. He helped me work through not just HOW to get my next job, but WHAT my next job should actually be. He is able to strike a good balance between professionalism and using his sense of humor to make what can be a stressful, and sometimes wholly unexpected experience, valuable and even enjoyable.


GM, US Operations for the world’s largest semiconductor production company

When I decided to partner with Mark, I had only a vague idea about what I wanted to do next, and no realistic idea about how to do it, in addition to being somewhat  confused and anxious. Mark was exceptional, both personally and professionally; he guided me to understand who I was, where my strengths and weaknesses lied, and what kinds of roles would be the most satisfying. In addition, he became a true friend and confidant during that difficult time. I secured a terrific job that actually became a springboard for an even more substantial position that I hold today. I can't thank Mark enough for his guidance and friendship.

Cloudy Ocean

General Counsel for the third  Largest Insurance Company in America

A lot of career consultants have the network and Mark was certainly generous in using his to connect me with people who could help me with my career journey.  Mark’s unique strength is his ability and commitment to connect with his clients to help them better understand their motivations and needs....and then to turn that into goals and a plan.

It may be quaint to say that Mark cares about his clients, but it is clear he genuinely does.  I consider Mark not just a valued resource, but also a valued friend.

Cloudy Ocean

VP, Global Marketing and Sales tor a Global Tech/Cybersecurity Firm

As a “recovering management consultant” I often think of things in terms of a 2x2 matrix.  In the case of the ideal person to help with career advice and assistance, the dimensions you need are: someone who has a great network; and someone who makes the effort to truly understand what you want / need in your next career move and more holistically for your life beyond work.  I found both while working with Mark.

Cloudy Ocean

Graphic Designer and Illustrator for a Leading Consumer Product Company

Mark Newall was engaging and personable when I sought his help with my career. He took the time to understand my work and career path. Mark was able to clarify, focus, and refine my resume to communicate my strengths and skills. He also introduced me to other professionals that had similar experiences in my field. Mark offered  superior coaching and support as I searched for, and secured my next job. He is a trusted professional.

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