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About ME

I am a certified and accomplished career counselor providing tailored job coaching services for all professionals, at all levels of an organization, in virtually all industries. I had great success as a Partner in a boutique career consulting firm. In my review one year, the CEO told me I was one of the 'top three executive coaches in the country'. I loved the work of helping folks from practically every job/function possible. Prior to that, and for 10+ years, while leading human resources in a global law firm, my focus was the performance and advancement of lawyers, globally. Therefore, If I had to identify my sweet-spot, it would be coaching lawyers, especially senior-level General Counsels, and Partners. 


My Clients:


  • might be considering a mid-career change by shifting roles or industries

  • want to find a more interesting / challenging job or make a higher compensation

  • like their current job but not where they work and want change companies/organizations

  • are a business rock star who benefited in a buyout and want to re-brand and find their next gig

  • want to find more meaningful work, and just maybe, their dream job

My Approach:

My work is highly customized to each specific, individual client. Together we will develop a plan, taking into consideration the client’s wants and needs, as well as market conditions. Then we create collateral material including the resume, cover letters and a compelling LinkedIn profile, preparing to approach recruiters and the market. Many clients uncover the right role through a conversation, which frequently is a role which has not even been posted; These are referred to as “the hidden jobs”. People often underestimate the power of networking, but I know by assessing my network connections and theirs, and with my, guidance, and insight, they will succeed, using this particular method. I use my enthusiasm, forward thinking, and my vast network in the business community to help my clients build their confidence and develop their passion for self-direction, to take control of their careers. The journey may be a sprint or a marathon, but my clients get results, with my help.


Background and Credentials:

I recently left a boutique career consulting firm where I was a Partner supporting clients from all levels of a company or organization. Earlier in my career, I spent multiple years running Human Resources at an international law firm in Boston. As the Head of HR, I coached lawyers and members of the executive team to perform at the highest levels. Before that, I worked at the second largest computer company in the world as a corporate trainer. Out of college, I taught business in high school, as well young adults with special needs. I graduated from Salem State University with a B.S. in Business Education, Honors, and have obtained professional coaching certifications from Career Partners International, certified as a Master Career Consultant and a Retirement Options Coach.

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