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Career coaching services

Some Clients Have Partnered with us Because They...

  • might be considering a mid-career change by shifting roles, industries or sectors within their current industry

  • have been working as an external service provider (Law Firm Attorney, Big Four Consulting Partner, Physician, PR Consultant, etc.) and want to go in-house

  • want to find a more interesting/challenging job or perhaps make a higher compensation

  • like their current job but not where they work and want to change companies

  • are a business rock star who benefited in a buyout and want to re-brand and find their next exciting gig

  • want to find more meaningful work, and just maybe, their dream job


Support That Makes a Difference


  • Resume/Bio/Cover Letters

  • Career Assessment

  • Interview/Video Interview Prep

  • Impactful Networking

  • Leverage LinkedIn and other Technology

  • Create and Promote Your Brand

  • Partner with Recruiters

  • Job Search Strategies

  • Negotiate Job Offers

  • Manage References

  • Create a Consulting Practice

  • Explore Incubators & Start-Ups

  • Tell a Powerful Story

  • Discover Passion in Work

So, what do you want to do next,

perhaps with the balance of your career? 

Let's make a plan.

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