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The Holistic Approach to the Job Search Process

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Facing job transition is daunting for everyone. When the transition is not by choice, but the result of restructuring or downsizing, it is often for the first time in someone’s career. It is expected for the individual to feel confused, upset, anxious, sad, or uncertain. The first step in the career consulting process is to acknowledge those feelings. Before tackling the tools of a job search – resume, LinkedIn profile, networking, interviewing – we need to acknowledge these possible barriers to moving forward in a thoughtful and productive way.

In one-on-one career consulting we establish rapport and trust and then address the tactical job search strategies and tactics. We also acknowledge the whole self. Job transition doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Individuals need to consider their mental and physical preparedness to successfully tackle a job search. Job seekers need to consider diet and exercise, faith-based parts of their lives, someone they can talk to whether a therapist, family member or close friend and confidant, a financial advisor, etc.

In order to put a great “product” into the market, job seekers often need to consider a holistic approach that factors in all of these resources available to them. Together, we assemble a great package with the job search strategy, materials, and “whole person” ready to impress the market.

The COVID-19 Wrinkle

Many professionals may have been working from home for several weeks before facing job loss. Adding a layer of complexity to the job search where everyone in the home may be confused, upset, anxious, or uncertain. Mindfulness practice can help. According to Emmie Stamell mindfulness strategies help maintain calm and steadiness in our lives; especially under conditions of uncertainty. Meditation and yoga help to balance the impact on our bodies and our work, resulting from the stress and uncertainty we are experiencing. Strive to find inner peace in the moment/on the go, in your job search and your life. Pause. Breathe. Listen. Stretch.

Ask for help and take back your whole and your healthy self; you will be better prepared for the next networking or interview opportunity. And, when you land the next job, you’ll be prepared for success.

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